Jessica Reedy – Put It On The Altar Contest

Written by: Melanie Pratt

With “Put It On The Altar,” Jessica Reedy reminds believers everywhere to stop carrying around stress, worries, and problems ourselves. “Put It On The Altar” is a catchy song that adeptly and infectiously charges us to take our burdens to the altar, to give them to God, and to LEAVE THEM THERE!

Jessica Reedy and Light Records want to know what it is that YOU are putting (& leaving) on the altar. Is it your finances? Is it your health? Is it a relationship? We want to know about it!

In a written statement of 50 words or less tell us in the comment section below what you are leaving on the altar for God to handle and how you are declaring to walk in faith and assurance of God’s direction, provision, and sovereignty. You may also enter on Twitter, be sure to include the hashtag #putitonthealtar.

Select submissions from readers will be chosen, and those individuals will receive autographed copies of Jessica Reedy’s brand new single, “Put It On The Altar.”

Go on, make your public statement of faith… GO!

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42 Responses to “Jessica Reedy – Put It On The Altar Contest”

  1. Groycis Flowers says:

    May God bless Jessica, proud to see her going forth. Always, center her work around the will and way of God, being filled with the anointing. Your Projects will be inspirational to listeners. God bless You!

    I thank God for making a way through his son Jesus Christ, so we can put our every need and desire on the altar before him. I love the Lord for being our refugee and hope, through the midst of my trials, financial needs, desire to release aedvice and discipline to my two sons in a manner that is Godly and effective. God has been a provider in so many situations that I have to go to the altar and give him a praise of thanksgiving, but most of all a life. Lord help me to live holy, always willing to kneel at the altar. Jessica, you live for Jesus and he will do the rest.

  2. Mike Stankovic says:

    I leave my whole life on the altar.

  3. I’m putting my family, finances, bills and house on the altar and allowing God to do what He does best. I’m confessing the word over all these things and trusting God to do the impossible.

  4. Pat says:

    The situation I have given to God is discord in the family. Things that have been put under the blood have been brought back up.. Tried to talk it through the way the Bible instructs us, but they didnt want to accept their part in the situation, and now have made it look as if we were the ones wrong, And have seperated themselves from us. We attend the same church and makes it very difficult that our Grandchildren are not allowed to speak to us.The only thing I can do is Put It On The Alter

  5. Tweedy says:

    The one thing had to put on the alter is family and friends. Too many times I been the “Go To Girl” and not realizing that always allowing people to come to me has been at my expense. I’ve had to learn how to remove myself from the equation and let them work out their own soul salvation. Unrealistic expections has placed me in some situations where no matter what I do, it’s never good enough. Since my mom passed in 2009 I’ve learned how not to allow others to control my life with their issues. Thank you for confiming that it’s okay to leave people at the alter. They belong to God anyway…He can do more for them that I can :+)

  6. Ashley Burney says:

    I put on the altar my financial burdens. I am approaching senior year at Uconn and have been struggling with tuition. Today I leave it all in God’s hands. I believe he told me don’t worry about it, its taken care of, so I speak the blessings to the atmosphere.

  7. I need a financial blessing to bring my bills under control and also a healing for my back and I know: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus and by His stripes I am healed. I am beliving Him.

  8. Bn goin thru situation havn a complex bout myself since I was a kid. Ran ova by grandpa truck win I was 3. It left a scar on left side of face! Dis song changed my life took it 2 altar n havnt lookd back!

  9. Ringleader says:

    My relationship.

  10. patrice gulley says:

    I am declaring to leave all problems at the altar! Whether it is financial, health, job,or relationship problems! I believe in God’s word and his promises to his people! Just knowing that God is able to deliver me from any and every situation is enough for me to take all my problems to the alter and leave them there!

  11. Beter job, fiancial prosperity and a singel christian life partner

  12. Ravin Gresham says:

    Yesterday my pastor said come to the Altar if you you want to get delivered from self, God has the power to deliver you, Yes I tend to fight with me my worst enemy (The Flesh) The Lord is ready for me to let it go, The men, What people think, the fear, and my past. I want to let it go, so I can flow, My fears have held me back from doing what God wants me to do, trying to find love and happiness in people and what they think about me or even what I think about my self. The Fear of people seen me in fear or breaking down. Like the word says as a man thin kith so his he. I want to see my self as God sees me, Think what God thinks about me, Most of all love me, love and summit to my purpose instead of fighting God’s purpose and plan flow in his purpose and plan for me and I will walk in that peace that I have ask God for, not another house, car, man… But The peace of God in my fathers house there are many mansions, meaning levels of Peace, love Joy, That the world can’t give or take away ! I put my self on the Altar so he can use me !#putitonthealtar.

  13. Jessie Johnson says:

    I’m submitting to his will and putting my life on the altar. If HE is for me who shall be against me!? Prov. 3:5-6 sums everything up for me and he is most definitely all the navigation I need in order to reach my destination safely!

  14. Mena Carlson says:

    God has been with me my entire life..protecting me, loving me, forgiving me and keeping His angels encamped all around me. I’ve been in situations that I know if it wasn’t for the love of God I would not be here today. That is why I have no problem leaving whatever issue arises on the alter and trusting God to see me through. I am dealing with financial problems, working on a highly stressful job that I sometimes get tempted to walk off of, I am caregiver for my sister who has a menengioma brain tumor, and my grandson’s mother has not let me see or talk to him for over 1 1/2 years. I continue to lay it on the altar and I firmly trust and believe that my God will take care of it.

  15. Chakeva Harris says:

    Being a woman of faith, a chosen leader and a servant of God’s people, it becomes discouraging when it seems as though all of your hard work, diligence, faithfulness, giving and personal sacrifice goes unappreciated, unnoticed, unwanted, unloved, underestimated, ignored and overlooked. But I am encouraged today to “leave it all on the altar.” I believe the Word of God that so passionately compels me to cast all of my cares upon the Lord, for I know He cares for me. I continue to pray for my church and the sheep God has intrusted myself and Pastor with. I continue to pray through the rough times for a steadfast spirit that will hold us all together as a unified body in Christ. I continue to pray for the integrity of God’s people to arise and that we all bind together to advance the Kingdom of God like never before. I am encouraged that if we be not weary in well doing, that God will allow us to reap a harvest in due season if we faint not. I’m trusting and believing that all things are working together for the greater good of His people and I leave all of my cares and concerns at the feet of Jesus at the altar! AMEN!!!! #putitonthealtar
    Co-Pastor Chakeva Harris

  16. Andrea S says:

    Placing on His alter an unexplained end to a relationship I thought was a gift from God. He is all knowing, so I am laying it down for him to take care of me, my lack of understanding. He will reveal in time the answers to the whys I have.

  17. Deacon Edward Maxwell Jr. says:

    First and foremost I want to thank God for keeping me a float in a world full of misgivings. If it had not been for Him where would I be? I put my trust in Him on the altar that I may never falter in my praise and adoration of HIm. The only human needs I place before Him is for His sustaining me and being able to continue to meet my bills; continued improvement of relationships – My wife, children, internal and external family; President Obama and the many decisions He must make that YOu give Him wisdom and guidance: and for myself to be better in the Deacon minstry. And if He never does anything else, He has blessed me in more ways than i could ever thank Him for!

  18. Ellen J says:


  19. Allen Richardson says:

    I lay down my mind and emotions, they toss and turn like waves in the ocean. They have put me in places I’ve shouldn’t have been, causing me 2 sin. Maybe now if I lay them at the alter, I can have peace with them, cause Gods my partner.

  20. Sheila says:

    I am placing everything on the altar, my will, needs, wants and desires. Flesh would demand everything right now at this time but what I hear in the Spirit is trust, wait, watch and pray. God desires hat we wait on Him and be of good courage!

  21. Latticia says:

    I know that God will provide all of my needs according to his riches and glory. What he has for me it is for me. My son has cerebral palsy, so I leave his health, our family relationship, and financial burdens at the altar. I cast my cares upon him. He has a plan for my son, husband, daughter, and I. So this is not my battle to fight, it’s the Lord’s. You have to have faith!

  22. CAROLYN says:

    I am leaving my marriage and my husband on the altar. I have tried all that I can, but I have accepted it’s only something that God can workout. God can heal his mind and break up his stony heart and give him a heart and mind like Christ. I am declaring my Faith by letting go and letting God, because all of me would want to fixs things my way and in my time but God said no. His way is the right way. I Love Him and thank Him for it..

  23. Colette Cummings says:

    I am putting my five prior strokes on the altar. God has shown his unending love and healing to me when he restored my ability to walk. I know I never would have been able to do that without God. Therefore, I am putting my whole being on the altar so that God can use me in anyway he chooses to use me.

  24. Frankie J says:

    I place my insecurity on the altar. Coming from being bullied as a child, I never really outgrew the hurt that it caused or let the scars fully heal. But after a very enlightening turn of events in my life, I’ve learned to let go and let God comfort me.

  25. catina claytor says:

    im placing my soul and my mind and my two daughters and my two granddaughters on the alter and my spirit to the alter because i want to give it all to Jesus!

  26. melissa stewart says:

    I leave at alter all my worries about my family n my cares needs wants. I know the god has a plan for me and I have to learn to trust him with all my heart and he will work it out . God knows want he has plans for me. And I pray that has me in his arms everyday.

  27. astrid says:

    I am placing everything on the altar because I know that God is able to fix my every need, and I placing it on the altar and leaving it there. I have no doubt that God is going to work it out. He is the only one that can work it out when no one else can. Thank you Jesus for covering me and my family.

  28. Renee says:

    Iam laying my life on the Altar ,giving my soul to Jesus, My god knows my needs, I ‘m asking for healing for my self and for my dear sister in christ who is battling cancer, it is she that really matters, I continue to ask Jesus for the strength and the words to give my sister in christ at her worst times, I also has that he continue to teach me the right ways of lift and to know the christan way of life, I give my complete soul to him, for without him I would be nothing and today I would not be alive if it wasnt for Jesus,

  29. Jasmyn says:

    In life, we are faced with various challenges, and it may the loss of a loved, one, job, car house, or even a material thing. I take comfort in the fact that sometimes God will strip you of everything, that you will have to totally lean, depend on him and have faith in him. Faith is the substance of thigns hope for and the evidence of things not seen. One thing being a 21 year old, and being saved I am learned to put all my faith and trust in God no matter, what the situation is, and how it looks. God has called us to have triumph over tragedy, he gave you a test so he can give you a testimony, and you were once the victim but you are now the victor. A Faith that can’t be tested surely can’t be trusted.

  30. Kathy Irving says:

    Jessica God bless you for allowing God 2 use you! I watched you grow on “Sunday Best” I haave been followin ur ministry ever since. I have learned through my lifetime that there is NOTHING 2 hard, big or small 4 my God 2 handle, so the moment I feel stress or any other demon lurkin I call on God n His Wonderful son Jesus 2 handle it n He has never failed me yet!

  31. melissa stewart says:

    i want leave my whole life friends ,family at the alter

  32. Yarnell says:

    To God be the Glory. I ask for healing in relationships; I will wait on the voice of Jesus to release the man that is for me. God knows my heart, he knows all my needs in this area but if God says that I should be alone; I will continue to fall deeper in love with him. I ask for a protective shield over my two boys and myself and ask for a blessed life in all ways in what ever God see’s fit.

    May God Bless the reader and wish big things for Ms. Reedy……….:)

  33. Gladys says:

    I thnaking God for who are am and what he has made me today in the life am living as a single parent . It would not have been easy for me to raise up my son by paying him school fees and catering for all his needs but our God is the father our our children he never let me down.I am Glad that by the power of God he has helped me secure land and i do place all that i want him to do for me like getting money to build a house , making my tailoring school, and getting a God fearing husband who will like my son .and i am waiting and praying for god to answer my prayers because those who cling to God are answered abundantly

  34. Raquel says:

    I am going to put my life on the altar because I have a lot that is going on in my mind and I need the one and only GOD to handle it..

  35. Tanya W. says:

    I’m leaving the Glass Ceiling on the altar!
    The Lord knows me, my strengths, and my career goals.
    Corporate world would have me think that I’m not good enough because I’m black. But God is great! He is the only source that can and will promote me. I’m trusting Him and leaving it ALL on the altar! In Jesus name.

  36. Kyshay says:

    At the alter I leave my relationship with my cousin and what we did. I leave all my relationship problems with family period. I thank God in advance for His forgiveness. If it weren’t for Him I don’t know where I would be. His grace and mercy is sufficient.

  37. Ms Miraclelady says:

    I am leaving everything on the altar. You have family members as well as so called friends that dont mean you any good. Lord no matter how people treat me Lord, bless them anyway. Lord im leaving my bills, family, health on the altar. I need a makeover Jesus

  38. Susan says:

    Leaving unsaved loved ones on the alar. Soothe sayers, high priestess of witchcraft and warlocks. Reconciliation of my whole family. My forgotten dreams I know God is able.

  39. sisco williams says:

    waiting 4 the album

  40. Eileen N. says:

    I am leaving my brother’s life on the altar. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is 2006. This is one of the most curable cancers. Yet, we’re in the year 2011, and my 23 yr old brother is still battling this disease. Lord, I leave his life at the altar.

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  42. Wanda R Jackson says:

    What I’ve learned about leaving it at the altar covers it all. Anytime you let an unGodly spirit enter in, you must seek God’s word first. When you go to the altar, that’s a connection that you a giving it all to him. Leave it there and press forward. Ask God for guidance each day not to pick back up what you have laid before him. You have to stay focus and remember that you were choosen to endure things and not let them destroy you. I want that light of Jesus to shine in me through the good and the bad. I am a living example of his grace and mercy and through that I continue to get on my knees and pray for forgiveness and ask him to make me a better person that is pleasing only by his will. I pray for my family, friends, love ones and I even pray for those I don’t know and I pray for our world and what’s happening in it today. I shall always give thanks for me being his child and I am so thankful and grateful. What ever comes my way, I know I am not nothing without him. I know at the altar…my “G” will listen and in that, I know I am delivered. At the Altar I shall leave it all”

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