Noted Preacher and Pastor Bishop Odis Floyd Passes

Written by: Gregory Gay


Gospelflava has been notified of the passing of Bishop Odis Floyd, celebrated senior pastor of the renowned New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan on November 28th. 

Bishop Floyd accepted his call to ministry in 1964 and assisted his grandfather, Reverend L W Owens in organizing the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in 1965.  He assumed the pastorate in 1969 and served for well over 40 years.  Under his  pastoral leadership, various outreach programs were initiated and New Jerusalem grew from a membership of 350 to well over 2,000.   The New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir recorded 2 independent ablums before being paired with the  undisputed King of Gospel, Reverend James Cleveland for the recording of Everything Will Be Alright  in 1978.  The choir would go on to record for the Savoy and Sound of Gospel labels and featured Bishop Floyd on a number of selections.

Bishop Floyd served in various capacities including 2nd Presiding Bishop of Bishop Paul Morton’s Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, Past President of the Baptist Assembly of Free Spirit Churches as well as a board member for Gospel Today Magazine and several other community and civic organizations.

Hear Bishop Floyd and the New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir sing Show Me the Way from their 1987 Sound of Gospel LP

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12 Responses to “Noted Preacher and Pastor Bishop Odis Floyd Passes”

  1. Michelle Shack says:

    I am the Daughter of the late Rev.Charles Shack Bishop Floyd and my dad we friends he was a great man and he will be missed my prayers are with the family and church family


  3. T. Holbrook says:

    Bishop Odis A. Floyd has been my pastor for as long as I can remember growing up. He “ALWAYS” gave such a spiritual and encouraging word to people and the congregation. He has helped to groom me into the woman that I am today with his spiritual guidance and faithfulness in God’s word. I am truly going to miss Bishop Floyd, but I know that he is gone on to a far better place in Glory, and he’s always talked about this day when we all shall see God’s face and stand before Him. He always spoke to us about giving someone their flowers while they could smelled them. To the Floyd and my New Jerusalem Church Family, you all are in my prayers, and he is resting in the Kingdom. We will forever miss the great man that God put before us all, but we too shall see him again one day in Glory. I love you Bishop Floyd and see you one day in heaven.

  4. L. DOUGLAS says:

    the city will sadly miss this special man of god. it was a pleasure knowing him. you know pastor always would say come as you are to my fathers house.he was very talented he could preach and sing. i loved when he would sing down the ailses with his beautiful voice.the church would be on fire when he did that ,yes it was something to see i love him very much and his family and they will always be in my prayers

  5. L. DOUGLAS says:

    i remember pastor saying that he had an offer to go and preach at this big fancy church in newyork but turn them down to stay here in flint with us. that goes to show us that he loved us so’ i dont know how many preachers that would have turned that great down.

  6. Maj(US Army/Ret) Harold T. Wms says:

    I had the great pleasure to meet Bishop Floyd some years ago while station @ Greenham Commom Air Base (Berkshire) England. Bishop preached five (5) days of a Ever Living REVIVAL. Southern England (UK) was never the same, his annoted messages was the talk of the town…I will always be grateful to his Brother and Family (USAF/Ross Family) whom i’m sure have retired by now, for allowing all of us that was station there to share, met, talk and Eat with this Giant of a Preacher…..A Soldier Has Been Called Home To Retire ! Bishop you answered the call of the Greatest Commander of all, GOD……Rest By Brother……Mr.(Sgt Ross) Thank You and your family for being bold enough for God.

  7. Maj(US Army/Ret) Harold T. Wms says:

    Praise God, Praise God…..

  8. Greg Owens(Indpls, IN) says:

    I enjoyed hearing Rev. Floyd and his choir on albums and in person(back in the day). I also enjoyed leading “Show me the Way” , which I considered one of New Jerusalem’s Classic Hits.

    My sister-in-law(Sylvia Johnson) lived in Flint , several years ago and attended his Church , while she resided there.

  9. Pastor Gean Young says:

    (Pastor Gean C. Young) We (my Husband & I) considered Bishop Odis Floyd our spiritual father. He was very instrumental in our maturing & enlightment in God’s word. For 18yrs we looked forward to his arrival to do revival in Milwaukee, WI< dating back from the early 80's. Got a chance to visit his Church in Flint, MI in 1995, which was so awesome. He will be missed by us. He called us his spiritual son & daughter. Bishop we will always treasure the messages, got some real good ones in our library. Thank God

  10. Bishop Floyd was a man of God, and while experiencing being in Full Gospel he exhilerated himself by being 2nd presiding elder of Full Gospel.

    he will be truly missed

  11. David Algood says:

    I remember growing up at New Jersusalem in the early 80’s. Pastor Floyd would come out the back from his office and stand up and sing “Everything must Change” WOW! He had a big influence on my life. I would not be the preacher I am today if I had not step throught the doors of New J.

  12. Dr.Anthony Bursey says:

    I met Bishop when I was 9 years old at Greater Morning Star in Mount Clemens Michigan. I’m 47 years old and I still recall our discussion’s God called me to preach when I was 12 years old. He left a lasting impression on my life. I thank God for allowing me to learn from a great leader.

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