Reverend Benjamin Cone, Jr. Passes

Written by: Gregory Gay


The Gospel Music Community is saddened with news of the passing of Elder Benjamin Cone, Jr. on Sunday, September 16th.   Reverend Cone served as the spiritual  mentor to the Malaco Music Group family and was the road pastor and director of the spiritual advisory council for the famed Mississippi Mass Choir.  A world renowned preacher and evangelist, Reverend Cone possessed a most distinctive voice and was a skilled and master orator.  Reverend Cone’s fiery sermonettes were  featured on five Mississippi Mass Choir projects.  In addition,  he recorded several preaching CDs for the Malaco label, among the most notable are  Its Hammertime, Birds in the Church and the Trial of O J (Oh Jesus)

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3 Responses to “Reverend Benjamin Cone, Jr. Passes”

  1. Herman Anderson says:

    The Heavenly Choir will welcome another voice. Nobody will ever be able to imitate the anointedness of his mighty speaking or preaching.

  2. I just saw this,I didnt know this ,he was in my prayers daily,we first spoke by phone initially in 2004,he was most encouraging,i last spoke to him february 2009.I considered my spiritual dad.I ahve all his projects.I will continue to pray for his family.i just bought the mississippi mass current cd,dvd yesterday from simpsons record store,saw him witnessing on the dvd,i was gonna call him today…wow.absent from the body,is to be present with the Lord..2nd COR.5:8…

  3. Christine says:

    Wow, I was just living to this touching voice…POWERFULLY SPIRITUAL…RIP Rev!

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