Be a “Champion”, and Find The “Lyric” to Your Life!

Written by: Martin Williams

By: Martin Williams

Okay If you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter, FB, and most importantly GospelFlava 🙂 Both Darwin’s and DeWayne’s albums were released Tuesday June 22, 2010 and both projects are just amazing! Both recently held Amazing album release parties here in Atlanta to celebrate their new releases.

I’m so excited because this has been  a great year for Gospel Music. In my opinion a lot of artist have come off vacation! LOL Even though they have been still working,  I believe I speak for many when I say we were ready for a new album from DeWayne Woods and Darwin Hobbs. Both of these guys just bring it, every time. DeWayne has returned with the album that tells the story of all our lives. I listened to the entire project and there’s a song on there everyone can relate to!  Now when you put in Darwin’s record, please don’t be driving, because you will go straight in. The first track, “Power In Praise” will take you right to the sanctuary on 1st Sunday when the praise team and choir is singing together! Such pure, praise and worship and it’s live. Finally a Darwin Hobbs record that is live! If you haven’t had the chance to see Darwin live, here’s your chance to experience him.  The production on both are just amazing and excellent. Make sure your iPod has both of these albums on them.

On a more serious note, we really have to support Gospel Music and let our retailers know we want our music in the stores. The past few albums I have had to resulted to buying on iTunes because none of the local retailers near me, had the CDs in stock. Now I thank God for iTunes but I’m still old school. I like having the physical CDs so I can read the credits, thank yous, and see which of my talented friends in featured on that project. These artists, musicians, and producers put a lot of work and dedication into making their projects, so go out there and purchase these two projects, both are a blessing!

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