Gospelflava.com Catches Up W/Bebe Winans As He Prepares To Release His New Project!

Written by: Nakiyah Hayling

GOSPELflava.com had the opportunity to talk to one of the most known artists in the Gospel music world, Bebe Winans.  Over the years we have come to know Bebe Winans and his legendary family, The Winans. Bebe&CeCe Winans made an amazing return as a duo in 2010 with their chart topping project “Still“. BeBe Winans’ new project “America, America” is an omage to patriotism. It is an 11 tracker with some original pieces and many classic patriotic songs.  Bebe talked with us about his upcoming recording effort “America, America” and future endeavors for 2012.

BeBe Winans comenting on his new project “America, America“:

I have always loved patriotic songs . I also found that I learned alot about the composition of these classic songs. I learned new verses and I noticed that many of the songs definitely had spiritual undertones. This has been an enlightening and great experience and I think that the project will definitely wake up the patriot in all of us.  My hope is that “America, America” will remind us of who we are as Americans. I hope that it will contribute to us understanding the blessing of being able to live in America, and will create a sense of comradery nationwide.

GOSPELFLAVA.com: What factors came into play when you were choosing particular songs to include on this new project?

BeBe Winans:Lift Every Voice And Sing” is the national anthem for African Americans, so it was important for me to do a nice arrangement, because it’s a gem. Prior to the war in Iraq I went sing for the troops and I also wrote a song titled “Thank You“. “America The Beautiful” was also a song that I really wanted to do, and I definitely put my Bebe flavor to it. It definitely took time to select the tracks for this project, but I believe that its a great compilation of songs.

GOSPELflava.com: Are you working on any other music recording projects besides “America, America“?

BeBe Winans: Yes, there are 2 more projects in the works for this year. I was working on a project when I began “America,America” and decided to go forward with “America, America” first. So we are anticipating those in the months to come.

GOSPELFLAVA.com:  What more should we expect from this year in regards to musical/public appearances? Are you looking to break into acting or different areas of entertainment?

BeBe Winans: Yes! There’s definitely a lot going on. I am currently partnering up with some writers on a Broadway musical about my life and my family’s life and legacy. I’ve been working on it for about 2 years and the Gershwin family are involved. The working title is “Through My Eyes, The Winans Family“. I’m definitely excited about all that’s happening. I am making a guest appearance on an upcoming moving on GMC titled “Brother White“.

More of BeBe Winans’ Commentary on the “America, America” project and  future endeavors:

There will be a tour and live presentation for “America, America“in March and Cicely Tyson, and Gladys Knight will be involved in it. I view this project as a truly bi-partisan project. You might see me at various events that reflect democratic and republican values. This project is for everyone and should be viewed that way.

“Brother White” will premiere on Sunday March 11th, 2012. See the flyer below!

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