HeeSun Lee Breaks Stereotypes With Latest CD

Written by: Gregory Gay

HeesunLeeHeeSun Lee will declare to you that her life is far from ordinary.  Being put up for adoption in Korea at the age of four months, she was brought to America and raised by Chinese parents in a Christian home.  In the US, she would be exposed to the Hip Hop influences of Will Smith, Tupac and Lauren Hill.  These experiences are the catalyst for her latest CD Stereotypes being released to digital and retail outlets on January 21st via In My City Records.

She credits faith in God and Hip Hop for saving her life and envisions Stereotypes as an evangelism tool.  If there is any doubt to the sincerity and validity of her message, it can be easily refuted in verses from the opening track of her CD: “Every day I’m on a mission now trying to save the lost. I’m never by myself, someone see me take the Cross, devil on my backside, watch me how I shake him off”.  Lee will celebrate the CD release with appearances at the Canyon Music Festival on Friday, January 24th and Saturday, January 26th on the campus of Canyon State University in Phoenix, AZ.

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