Jessica Reedy – Put It On The Altar Contest

Written by: Melanie Pratt

With “Put It On The Altar,” Jessica Reedy reminds believers everywhere to stop carrying around stress, worries, and problems ourselves. “Put It On The Altar” is a catchy song that adeptly and infectiously charges us to take our burdens to the altar, to give them to God, and to LEAVE THEM THERE!

Jessica Reedy and Light Records want to know what it is that YOU are putting (& leaving) on the altar. Is it your finances? Is it your health? Is it a relationship? We want to know about it!

In a written statement of 50 words or less tell us in the comment section below what you are leaving on the altar for God to handle and how you are declaring to walk in faith and assurance of God’s direction, provision, and sovereignty. You may also enter on Twitter, be sure to include the hashtag #putitonthealtar.

Select submissions from readers will be chosen, and those individuals will receive autographed copies of Jessica Reedy’s brand new single, “Put It On The Altar.”

Go on, make your public statement of faith… GO!

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