Kim Burrell & Israel Houghton Will Host The 13th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards!

Written by: Nakiyah Hayling

Kim Burrell and Israel Houghton will host the 13th annual BMI Trailblazer’s of Gospel Music Awards, which will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on January 13th. The BMI awards honors those in Gospel music that have served as trailblazers.  This year’s honorees are Hezekiah Walker and Kirk Franklin. They have definitely blazed a trail in different ways within the Gospel music genre. Kirk Franklin has revolutioned Gospel in the realm of traditonal and contemporary styles, and Hezekiah Walker has shown his astounding ability to produce hit after hit with the choir sound. Congratulations to Kirk Franklin and Hezekiah Walker! It’s sure to be a great event.

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