Light Records Signs Dawkins and Dawkins

Written by: Melanie Pratt

In what may be the biggest signing coup of the year, Light Records lands brother duo sensation, Dawkins and Dawkins. After an eleven year hiatus from recording as a group, the brothers jump back into a marketplace that will surely be ready to receive them!

Outside of gospel music, the pair have been more than busy. Anson has been serving as College and Career Pastor at Life Center Church in Tacoma, Washington. Eric, known industry-wide for his vocal coaching ability boasts production,writing and arrangement credits with artists like Oleta Adams, Mya and Tank.

The over-used phrase “much-anticipated” takes on new meaning when used to decribe their forthcoming release. ┬áSlated for March of 2011, the re-entry of Dawkins and Dawkins into the gospel marketplace is a much welcomed surprise. Light Records is ramping things up for a busy 2011, with recent signings of veteran gospel artists Rickey Dillard, Dorinda Clark Cole, and newcomer Sunday Best Season 2 Runner-Up Jessica Reedy.

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