Road To The Stellars Profile- ChoirMaster Ricky Dillard & New G

Written by: Nakiyah Hayling

Profile Feature: Ricky Dillard&New G

Nominations: “Choir Of The Year” “Traditional CD Of The Year“, “Music Video Of The Year-Long Format” (Keep Living), “Traditional Choir of the Year“,

Noted Work: 8 recorded projects-some include: “The Promise“, “Worked It Out“, Welcome To The Real World“,“No Limit“, and the 2012 Stellar Award Nominated “Keep Living“, a host of musical and television appearances, featured in motion picture “Leap Of Faith” starring Steve Martin (1992), Winner of several Stellar Awards, Grammy nominated


Ricky Dillard& New G have graced the gospel scene since the mid 80’s with their robust choir sound and high energy. Not only do we love to hear them sing, but we love to watch them get down whenever they perform. Dillard&New G are certainly mainstays of the Gospel genre. Ricky Dillard&New G’s newest project “Keep Living“, released on Light Records/EOne Entertainment, has garnered them 4 2012 Stellar Awards nominations. We caught up with Ricky Dillard to get his perspective on the nominations, his take on the place of choir, and what he enjoys most about The Stellar Awards weekend. You and New G are nominated for 4 Stellar Awards this year. How are you all feeling about this accomplishment?

Ricky Dillard:  It’s always an honor to be nominated and recognized for anything. The Stellar Awards have been committed to gospel music for almost three decades & provide an amazing opportunity for enthusiasts of gospel to see some of their favorite artists. It’s as a chance for the artist to come together, fellowship, and participate in what turns out to be an elegant weekend. I’m grateful to be a past winner and am honored to be recognized again with several nominations. We’ve seen what some might call a “comeback” of the Choir sound in the last few years. Do you view it as a “comeback”? If so, why do you think the choir sound is becoming popular again with gospel music lovers?

Ricky Dillard: I would call it less of a “comeback” and more of a “push forward”. Some of us, who are committed to excellence in music without eliminating the choir, have been more resilient & determined to not just let others dictate what we’ve been building for years. I have a very strong opinion on the choir and still believe that it has relevance in the church on Sunday mornings, and it’s still very relevant in concerts around the world. We still get calls from overseas, for the choir to come to share ministry. I’ve always loved the choir sound and I love being apart of the choir movement, and now the revolution. What do you enjoy the most about The Stellar Awards weekend?

Ricky Dillard: The fellowship, the incredible Five star dinners and presentation, as well as the ability to celebrate all of my constituents who are excelling in ministry & their artistry.

Find out if Ricky Dillard and New G win at the 2012 Stellars Awards by making your way to Nashville, Tennessee in January. It was great catching up with Ricky Dillard. Keep checking in throughout the week for more “Road To The Stellars” Stellar Profiles.

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