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Cinque Cullar Tapped For 60th Anniversary Montgomery Bus Boycott Celebration

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Cinque and Solid GospelInternational Worship Leader Cinque Cullar joins local and national celebrities including Hillary Clinton, Reverend Freddy Haynes, Reverend Bernice King and other dignitaries gathering in Montgomery, Alabama for the week long festivities commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Mrs. Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on December 1, 1955 positioned her as the face of the movement which gained worldwide attention bringing Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  to prominence.

Cullar, a graduate of Alabama State University will sing at the ecumenical prayer service held at the historic Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where Dr. King served in his first assignment as pastor.  “I am humbled to lend my gifts in the celebration commemorating the birth of the movement”, states Cullar. “I love Montgomery for its historicity and as an educator, I feel the necessity to make sure that we empower young people through the knowledge and appreciation of our history. The sacrifice and commitment of people like Mrs. Rosa Parks, Dr. King and others should never be forgotten. We are able to enjoy many opportunities not afforded to our parents and grandparents because of their hard work and dedication.”

In addition to the prayer service, a gospel concert will be held on Sunday December 6th at the Dunn Carter Acadome on the campus of Alabama State University.

Cullar continues touring supporting the release of his sophomore release Life and Worship Live In Sweden.

Cinque Cullar Takes Worship To The Nations

Friday, October 30th, 2015

While Cinque Cullar may have altered his look since we last saw him, we can rest assured that the worship remains intact.  The Chicago based worship leader is preparing for the release of Life and Worship, the follow up to his debut Letters to God that produced the singles Continual Praise and Let the Glory of the Lord.Cinque Cullar .

“I had some reservations about doing a live CD,” said Cullar.  “Letters to God was released almost three years ago, and I hadn’t given much thought to doing a new project, let alone a live CD.  I then thought, wait, I lead people in worship almost every Sunday of the year.  I can do this.  I had a Philippians 4:13 and Zechariah 4:6 moment.  Standing in God’s ability and not my own power gave me what I needed to honor God and do my part.”  Cinque is also proud to say that God served as executive producer of the project.  “It was a God thing, from start to finish.  The Lord opened the doors for us to go to Sweden, and when I tell you God ALWAYS has a witness, believe it.  The people came with open hearts and minds and great expectations; we had a very meaningful encounter. What you will hear is worship, unrestrained, free flowing and all that.

A radio single, Believer’s Declaration is making the rounds at radio as Cullar prepares to celebrate the CD Release with a concert in Chicago on November 14th.