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Cedric Ballard Champions Houston’s Night Of Unity

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Cedric Ballard New1On Friday, July 18th, the Houston area Gospel community joined local area pastors, government officials and community leaders in a display of unity and prayer for peace in the nation as a whole in response to the tragedies and violence plaguing our inner cities.  Leading the charge was Worship Leader and Psalmist Minister Cedric Ballard, who hosted the event at the Greater Grace Outreach Church.  Joining in the celebration was noted songwriter V. Michael McKay, Rhonda and Shawn McLemore, Alexis Spight and Earl Duncan.

Ballard stressed the need for unity and for the church to lead the charge.  “We have such a huge responsibility to show people that our gatherings have impact after the end of Sunday morning worship.  God called and ordained the church to change the world, we have to show them we are truly united and serious about making a difference when and where it counts.”


Rhonda Mclemore Recording Update

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Rhonda Mclemore (this time without assistance from her husband and “advance man” Shawn) took to Socialcam to give the update about her Live Recording.  On January 4th, all roads will lead to the Community of Faith Baptist Church 1024 Pinemont in Houston for this momentous occasion.  Production will be handled by Asaph Ward.

The Live Recording of Rhonda McLemore

Friday, October 19th, 2012


Shawn McLemore  proudly shared  the news via Twitter of pre-production beginning for the live recording of his wife,  Rhonda McLemore in the city of Houston on December 14th. (more…)

Thursday Thoughts: Stand The Shawn Mac Project

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

In light of the fact there is a new Shawn McLemore project out this week and because there is a chance that you might have missed this project in 2010, we thought it best to put it on spotlight.  As a preface, I would have to question how one listens to CD’s.  Do you skip all the other stuff and give a good listen to the song you heard on the radio (does radio airplay even work these days) or do you listen from beginning to end?  However or whatever your method, I am sure that Been So Good got your “churchy-fied” attention.

Let me add that it’s a good thing that  Been So Good was not the first track, because you would never finish the CD.  Once you hear it, you are instantly caught up in it (you grab a tambourine, get a couple friends to clap while you dance, pass out, call for the ushers, have your friends  form a circle around you until you fall out, then get a sheet to cover you (is this the sanctified church?) or stand over you fanning until you get back up,  get some water,  sit in your chair, think of God’s goodness  and then it hits all over again).  This would be classified as a definitive project and while it is long overdue, it was well worth the wait.    If I Have the Faith, There Aint Nothing, Overflow and God is Good are nice cuts too.