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James Hall In His Own Words

Friday, October 30th, 2015

GOSPELflava got a  chance to speak with the innovatively unique trendsetter, Professor James Hall, whose new disc WAP New Era drops on October 30th.  James HallHall spoke candidly about the choir’s 28 years and his experiences working on the new project.

Professor, tell us about the new CD

Our new CD WAP (Worship and Praise) New Era hits retail and digital outlets on October 30th, I know there are a lot of people who want to know why I gave it that title. It is a new era for us; Worship and Praise has been together for 28 years, and with that being said, I don’t have a lot of the faces that were there 28 years ago, a lot of people have retired or got too old to be doing all the travel and  being on the road,  but I am grateful to God that I do still have a good amount of people that have been with me for over 20 years. There’s a lot of new faces  in the group, but the sound is still Worship and Praise. (more…)

A Celebration of James Hall

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

And as it was that on the first Saturday in the month of December, people would gather from far and away to express appreciation and say thanks to a gospel giant (although small in stature) , namely Professor James Hall.  The meeting place was Brooklyn’s Full Gospel Assembly Church.  Some of the area’s best and brightest were a part of this celebration including Hall’s own Worship and Praise ensemble and the church choir of which he has given dedicated service to over for the last 15 years, the Voices of Citadel.  Also on hand was JaQuan Hall and Spirit of Praise, Bishop Andrew Ford and the Voices of Ford Memorial Temple, Lucinda Moore, Mike Willis and the Called and Sunday Best contestant Michael Lampkin.