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This Week’s Top Gospel Albums

Monday, March 16th, 2015

We see a lbrooklyn-tabernacle-choir_pray-300x300ittle change on the charts as Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Pray CD takes the #2 spot on the charts.  Also, The Set from Dr. Larry Reid and the Breakthrough Singers makes its way into the top ten.  Damien Sneed’s Broken To Minister gets in the top 50 making its debut at #36.  The Top 25 CDs in Gospel Music are listed below




  1. Various Artist                                                      WOW GOSPEL 2015
  2. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir                               Pray
  3. Various Artist                                                      WOW GOSPEL 2014
  4. Tasha Cobbs                                                         Grace
  5. Various Artist                                                       Billboard #1 Gospel Hits
  6. Fred Hammond                                                    I Will Trust
  7. Jason Nelson                                                         Jesus Revealed
  8. Dorinda Clark Cole                                               Living It
  9. J Moss                                                                   Grown Folk Gospel
  10. Dr. Larry Reid                                                      The Set
  11. 3 Winans Brothers                                                Foreign Land
  12. DeWayne Woods                                                   Life Lessons
  13. Wess Morgan                                                        Livin
  14. Erica Campbell                                                     Help
  15. Youthful Praise w/ JJ Hairston                         I See Victory
  16. William McDowell                                                Withholding Nothing
  17. Icon Gospel                                                           Icon Gospel
  18. Jessica Reedy                                                       Transparent
  19. GGC Volume 1                                                      GGC Volume 1
  20. VaShawn Mitchell                                                Unstoppable
  21. Rance Allen Group                                                Celebrate
  22. Ben Tankard                                                         Full Tank 2.0
  23. GGC Volume 2                                                      GGC Volume 2
  24. Smokie Norful                                                       Forever Yours
  25. Deitrick Haddon                                                    Best of Deitrick

This Week’s Top Gospel Albums

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Dorinda newGoing into the eighth week of the year, WOW GOSPEL 2015 holds on to the #1 spot on the Top Gospel Albums Chart followed by the debut of Living It, the sophomore CD from Dorinda Clark Cole.  Jason Nelson, Dewayne Woods, Crystal Aikin and Brooklyn Tabernacle all make strong showings to round out the top tier.  Listed below are the top 25:

  1. Various Artists                                               WOW GOSPEL 2015
  2. Dorinda Clark Cole                                         Living It
  3. Tasha Cobbs                                                    Grace
  4. Fred Hammond                                               I Will Trust
  5. Various Artists                                                 Billboard #1 Gospel Hits
  6. Various Artists                                                 WOW GOSPEL 2014
  7. DeWayne Woods                                               Life Lessons
  8. Jason Nelson                                                      Jesus Revealed
  9. Crystal Aikin                                                      All I Need
  10. J Moss                                                                 Grown Folk Gospel
  11. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir                              Pray
  12. VaShawn Mitchell                                             Unstoppable
  13. Youthful Praise Feat JJ Hairston                    I See Victory
  14. Bryan Popin                                                       You Can Make It
  15. 3 Winans Brothers                                             Foreign Land
  16. Jessica Reedy                                                     Transparent
  17. Icon Gospel                                                         Icon Gospel
  18. Smokie Norful                                                    Forever Yours
  19. Ben Tankard                                                      Full Tank 2.0
  20. Erica Campbell                                                   Help
  21. Rance Allen Group                                             Celebrate
  22. William McDowell                                               Withholding Nothing
  23. Kevin Levar                                                         Destiny:Live at the Dream Center
  24. Darrell McFadden & the Disciples                   We are DMD
  25. Michelle Williams                                               Journey To Freedom

This Week’s Top Gospel Albums

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

WOW Gospel 2015 takes the top spot on the charts as we enter the 6th week of the new year with DeWayne Woods’ Life Lessons taking the number 2 spot and Crystal Aikin’s sophomore effort All I Need making its way into the top 10.  The 25 top Gospel Albums are listed below:

  1.  Various Artists                                  WOW Gospel 2015
  2. DeWayne Woods                                Life Lessons
  3. Various Artists                                   Billboard #1 Gospel Hits
  4. Fred Hammond                                  I Will Trust
  5. Tasha Cobbs                                       Grace
  6. Jason Nelson                                      Jesus Revealed
  7. Various Artists                                  WOW Gospel 2014
  8. Crystal Aikin                                     All I Need
  9. J Moss                                                Grown Folks GOspel
  10. VaShawn Mitchell                             Unstoppable
  11. Youthful Praise/JJ Hairston            I See Victory
  12. Bryan Courtney Wilson                    Worth Fighting For
  13. 3 Winans Brothers                            Foreign Land
  14. Jessica Reedy                                    Transparent
  15. Rance Allen Group                            Celebrate
  16. Icon Gospel                                        Icon Gospel
  17. Smokie Norful                                   Forever Yours
  18. The Walls Group                               Fast Forward
  19. Erica Campbell                                  Help
  20. Michelle Williams                              Journey To Freedom
  21. Deitrick Haddon                                Best of Deitrick Haddon
  22. Wess Morgan                                     Livin
  23. Dorothy Norwood                              An Incredible Journey
  24. William McDowell                              Withholding Nothing
  25. Ricky Dillard/New G                         Amazing